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Types Of Renewable Energy Generation Capacity

Understanding the different types of renewable energy is vital for individuals who are trying to make a difference in the way that they live. There are several different types of renewable energy that have their own unique benefits and drawbacks. Knowing what type of energy you would like to use on your property is the first step in exploring options for renewable energy. This will help you determine which type of energy is best for your particular situation.

The Most Popular Types of Renewable Energy: Solar and Wind. By using the following main types of renewable energy you can help decrease reliance on fossil fuels over time. Solar energy uses the heat of the sun to convert into usable electricity; wind energy utilizes the power of the wind to turn turbines and creates mechanical force which is then converted into electricity using wind generators. This is beneficial to both the environment and your wallet because it will not only reduce the amount of natural resources that must be used, but it will also reduce the amount of pollution that is produced.

The Two Main Types of Fossil Fuel Producing Turbines: These types of turbines have been around for decades but they are becoming more popular due to the new awareness to pollution and the effects that it has on the environment. The fossil fuel producing turbines that are commonly seen on power plants use crude oil as the fuel to create the electricity that is produced. One of the biggest problems with this type of power plant is the high level of acid that is created due to the burning of crude oil. Newer types of clean energy turbines do not require crude oil and instead utilize biodiesel and other bio-based oils that can be used to produce electricity.

Geothermal Energy: This type of renewable energy is produced in geothermal earth vents and below the earth’s surface. Geothermal energy occurs when earth’s molten core heats up water, which in turn creates a flow of heat that is transferred to either above or below the earth’s surface. This type of geothermal energy is believed to hold more promise for providing our world with electricity than other types, which are geothermal and hydroelectric.

Biomass Energy: One of the biggest advantages of using biomass energy is the fact that it can easily be generated off-grid. That is to say, it can be produced without relying on the aid of conventional power plants, which can cost thousands of dollars. Biomass energy consists of organic materials such as wood and waste material such as vegetable oil. The use of biomass energy can reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere. In addition, it can be generated using windmills as well as solar panels.

How To Use Renewable Energy Sources: Although using different forms of renewable energy is not necessary to completely eliminate your need for fossil fuels, you can significantly reduce your consumption of these fuels. It is possible to drastically reduce your fuel consumption by as much as 90%. With that much reduction, you can focus on other more important needs such as buying or building your own house. And if you decide to build your own house, it will do you good to learn how you can use renewable energy sources.

How To Learn How To Use Them: There are many sources of renewable energy that you can learn to use, such as solar energy, biomass energy and tidal energy. Some of these sources will cost you money, while others are absolutely free. If you want to learn how to use them, you can ask your neighbors or friends who may have used them before or you can look online. You can even go online and learn more about the many benefits of geothermal energy, tidal energy and biofuels.

There are three most popular renewable energy generation capacity that you can use in the field today. They are solar power, wind power and biofuels like ethanol and biodiesel. If you implement all three of them at the same time, you can dramatically reduce your electricity bills. It might not be easy to change your lifestyle completely but it will be very rewarding and satisfying as well.

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