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Learning About Renewable Energy Types

One of the emerging forms of alternative energy that is being utilized is geothermal energy. This is because of the benefits of using it compared to other types of renewable energy resources. Geothermal power is relatively more difficult to harness than solar and wind power, but it also has an important role in addressing global warming. It also leaves little impact on land because it can easily be constructed underground.

The benefits of geothermal are many. First of all, this type of renewable resource is very consistent. It does not fluctuate like the sun or wind do. If the temperature of the earth is warm, geothermal power will be used. If the temperature is cold, then solar power will be used.

Because of its ability to stay virtually constant, geothermal can be a reliable source of renewable energy. It does not change with the weather so solar panels and wind turbines can still generate electricity. In addition, since there are no seasons, sunlight or heat will always be available for geothermal plants to harness. It’s an excellent solution for areas that need a reliable source of electricity.

Another benefit of geothermal is that it is a cleaner renewable resource. Unlike most fossil fuels sources, the earth retains heat long after the sun sets. Fossil fuels need to be mined and used up. They emit harmful gases into the atmosphere with each use. Also, because fossil fuels sources are nonrenewable, their use eventually depletes the ozone layer. Geothermal plants use power from the earth that is continually renewed.

One of the reasons why it is a good choice of renewable energy is that it works with the forces of nature. The sun will always rise and set. The earth stores heat long after the sun has gone down. It is constantly releasing and building up heat.

The final type of renewable resource is wave energy. Although many may think of windmills as an example of renewable wave power, this resource is actually another form of renewable energy. A windmill is simply a device that converts wind into electricity. It is attached to a tower which converts kinetic energy into direct current electricity. In other words, a windmill is used to convert wind into electricity.

There are two primary sources of renewable energy sources that we can use on a grand scale. Those are sunlight and wind. However, both of these resources are plentiful around the world. Even places in the United States, such as Nevada, have over ten percent of their electricity coming from solar power. The United States is one of only a few countries in the world that rely on solar panels to generate electricity. Unfortunately, the cost of solar panels is prohibitive for most individuals.

The United States, unfortunately, is not one of those countries. But there are many other countries throughout the world that rely heavily on alternative energy sources. China and India are two examples. Both countries have plans to become more self-sufficient by harnessing renewable solar and wind power.

Many people doubt the effectiveness of alternative energy sources because they fear the cost. The cost of solar panel installation alone is more than enough to make most people recoup their investment. Wind power is even more inexpensive, if you do it yourself. Fossil fuels, on the other hand, are highly polluting sources of energy, which makes them not only a questionable choice when it comes to renewable energy sources, but one that causes a lot of pollution.

One of the problems with wind and solar power is that they cannot be used everywhere. If you have a large city like Los Angeles, which is covered in asphalt and concrete, then it will be difficult to use either wind or solar power for large scale production of electricity. These two types of alternative energy require specially designed turbines in order to produce enough electricity. Because of their limitations, they create a lot of pollution.

On the other hand, fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas can be used over any place. There is an abundance of natural sunlight around the Earth, which can be utilized to produce electricity for homes. There is also a large supply of this natural source of energy available through biomass. Biomass can be produced from organic wastes created by people all over the world. It can also be extracted from coal and other non-renewable resources that are burned for heat.

The greatest benefit of wind turbines is that they can provide the greatest amount of energy for the smallest possible cost. Because these turbines use very little of the earth’s resources to produce power, they do not add to the human load of the carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming. In fact, wind energy produces zero carbon emissions. Another benefit of using wind turbines is that they have no negative impact whatsoever on the earth’s atmosphere. They create only positive ions, which counteract the negative effects of carbon dioxide has on the atmosphere. In addition, the wind flow helps keep our environment clean.

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