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Examples of Non Renewable Resources

What are nonrenewable resources? They are those resources that cannot be renewed and they cannot be renewed either! Let us take a look at some of these nonrenewable resources and how we can use them. The following article will provide some nonrenewable resources examples and a little bit about them.

Now let us see what we can do with these nonrenewable resources. The first on the list is air. Air that is non renewable resources. We need to make sure that our vehicles do not contribute to this non renewable resources category as well because they will build up carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which will lead to climate change.

What else causes us to be nonrenewable? Well, water is one of the biggest non renewable resources around. We use groundwater for many purposes including irrigation and drinking. But groundwater is also one of the major causes of the pollution that is affecting the earth’s water cycle and environmental degradation. So if you think water is renewable you are mistaken.

The following on the list of non renewable resources is heat. We need to make sure that we do not use fuels like natural gas and coal, which release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere because these are non renewable sources. We have to switch to cleaner and greener fuels which are readily available. For example there are biofuels and biomass, which are made from organic wastes. Other non renewable resources examples include nuclear energy, petroleum, coal and wood.

One good thing about non renewable resources is that they are inexhaustible. In other words, once they are used up they will not leave any sign of exhaust. Another advantage is that they do not damage the environment. In fact, they have many advantages over non renewable resources. This is why using them is a step towards making the earth a less polluted place.

On the other hand, non renewable resources as mentioned above are also very harmful to the environment. They emit gases which contribute to global warming and climate change. Also they cause severe damage to the ozone layer and other environmental pollution. As you can see these are much harmful than the non renewable ones. There are also some negative effects of non renewable resources to the ecosystem. This is why it is important to use these resources wisely.

The above examples just show one or two of the non renewable resources that are harming the planet. On the other hand, there are also a lot of advantages of using them. These are the reasons why many countries have been using these resources in huge amounts for decades. The main advantage of using renewable energy sources is that these resources can never be depleted. Resources like wind and sunlight cannot be destroyed. In addition, these resources are replenished very quickly which makes them very stable.

It is really important to make the right decision when it comes to choosing the renewable or nonrenewable resources. Even though the cost of these resources may be slightly higher than non renewable sources, the benefits of using them far outweigh the disadvantages. The future of the world is really at stake if we fail to take care of the environment. So take the wise decision and use these resources wisely.

The use of non renewable resources is a great contribution to the preservation of our environment. Even though there are some disadvantages of using renewable resources, the advantages far outstrip the drawbacks. The only thing we need to do is to take the right decision and start using them. As long as we continue to abuse our resources, we will find ourselves in deep trouble.

Let us start off with the most obvious example of non renewable resources, the fossil fuels. Most people think that the earth’s resources are being depleted as a result of the continued burning of fossil fuels. While it is true that the earth’s resources are being depleted slowly, the effects of using the Earth’s resources unearths over time. Once these effects become visible, you will realize that it is better to be safe than sorry.

Take for instance the shortage of oil in the world. People often tend to think that if we just use more oil, the price of oil will go down. But if the price of oil goes up, most of the oil-producing countries will not be able to afford to supply their consumers at the same level, thus affecting the demand and result in a price hike. This is a non renewable resource. By using renewable forms of energy and materials, the problems of finite resources won’t affect us for long.

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