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Different Types of Renewable Energy

There are many different types of renewable energy resources. Which are your favorites? How will you convert your energy source into a renewable form of energy? There are many things to consider when choosing a source for your energy. We have listed the five most popular types of renewable energy as well as the pros and cons of each.

Solar power is the most efficient and also the cleanest way to produce energy. There are many different ways to harness the heat from the sun to convert it to other forms of energy such as electricity. There are five main solar energy sources available today: Photovoltaic Cells (PV), Heat Energy Storage (HEAT), Geothermal Heat Pumps (GHS), and Residential Solar Power Systems (RSPS). There is an infographic below to comparing all of the major renewable sources side by side:

Solar power does not pollute the air like fossil fuels do, however, there are some issues regarding storage for long periods of time, especially in remote places. Solar panels are great for this use, as they do not require any storage. However, they do require sunlight during the daytime hours to be able to absorb power. They are still at their developmental stage, but have been around for decades.

Fossil fuels come from fossils embedded deep in the earth. These fuels are very expensive to produce, meaning that it is more expensive to mine them then to extract them from the earth. One of the largest drawbacks to burning fossil fuels is the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, which is a harmful gas that contributes to global warming. However, there are some good points about renewable fuels as well; such as the fact that fossil fuels cannot be depleted, the fact that they come from natural sources and that using them does not add to the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Hydroelectric power is one of the most plentiful renewable sources available. It can easily be stored up in dams and pumped to areas when there are not enough windy days to make use of it. However, the dams create huge amounts of pollution when they are built, and hydroelectric energy sources are not eco-friendly as well, because hydroelectric plants release large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. There is also the problem of deforestation when trees are cut down to make room for the dam.

Moving water is another type of renewable energy that can be used to produce electricity. This is called hydroelectricity and it uses water moving through a turbine in order to produce electricity. There are many dams that use hydropower and it is responsible for producing up to 60% of the electricity in the United States. There are also problems with pollution, although with new technology, pollution from hydropower is slowly being reduced.

Geothermal power is simply a natural process whereby heat from the earth is used to generate electricity. The heat comes from beneath the earth’s surface and moves through pipes to a central location, where it is converted to electric current. Although geothermal energy has been around since ancient times, it was greatly improved by modern scientists. There is no pollution from this source and it doesn’t have the problems associated with hydroelectric power. However, the Earth’s population will eventually have to be controlled, and there will be an oversupply if we do not find other solutions to dealing with the current limitations of our natural resources.

There are many other types of renewable energy source available, and most of them can be used to help reduce your household’s heating costs, without adding any carbon to the atmosphere. There are even ways to get both electricity and heating through geothermal energy. With geothermal heating systems you can use your home’s existing heat source to produce electricity for your home. This will help cut down on your heating bills, while you can also stay warm in the winter. It is important to be informed about the many different options that we have available to us, so that we can make the best decision possible for our home.

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