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Different Types of Renewable Energy Sources

What exactly is Renewable Energy? Simply put, it is energy production which utilizes non-finite sources. For example, the Earths natural supply of oil, coal, and other natural resources are all going to be depleted some day. But unlike these resources, sun and wind, for example, are basically unlimited. The only problem is, more of these natural resources than you can imagine are being discovered. But luckily there are a lot of different types of renewable energy, which we will discuss here.

One type of renewable energy is wind energy. As you may have heard, over the past decade or so, several wind farms have been built throughout the United States. These farms use windmills to harvest the clean energy which is converted into electricity, and then they are turned into power through a power plant. This clean energy source is abundant, and scientists all over the world are currently trying to figure out how to further exploit this natural resource.

Another type of renewable energy, which has been recently discovered is the movement of tectonic plates beneath the surface of the earth. If you take a look at major tectonic shifts in the past, you will notice that there have been a number of earthquakes. It is also believed that, along with the movement of tectonic plates, the movement of the planet’s crust might play a huge role. Some scientists believe that tectonic plate movements are partially responsible for the current limitations placed upon the oceans, as well as the food supply of the planet.

Also on the list of possibilities for new plants to create energy are biofuels. In this field, there are two main categories of biofuel; biodiesel, which is derived from plant life such as soy beans, corn, canola, wheat, and alfalfa; and petrol, which is made from petroleum products such as crude oil, diesel, gasoline, and natural gas. The problem with these types of biofuels, however, is that they create a lot of carbon dioxide. This has been causing great difficulties in trying to combat climate change.

Another group of renewable energy production methods includes hydropower and wind turbines. These two forms of energy production are gaining momentum because they can dramatically decrease the amount of greenhouse gasses being released into the atmosphere. Wind turbines harness the power of the wind, by using generators to create the blades. This technology is becoming more prevalent in America, as it is cheaper to install wind turbines than it is to install large hydropower dams.

Solar panels are another option for renewable energy. These can be installed on the roof of your home or any other area of your property that allows the sun to shine onto it. Solar panels absorb the sun’s rays and transform them into energy. Once the energy is converted, you can use it to power your home.

Another type of renewable energy involves using the power of water. Two of the most common types of hydro energy are rainwater and wastewater. With rainwater, you use a turbine to create the spinning motion in a generator. The water then moves through an aquifer, which can create electricity. With wastewater, you use a turbine to create the rotating motion in a generator while sending the water through a turbine, which turns the water into a liquid, which can then be further used for water.

If you want to start using alternative energy sources to power your home, you should look at how you can increase the amount of sunlight that reaches your house. Solar panels work by absorbing the sunlight and turning it into energy. Wind turbines work by using the force of wind to move materials through a path, generating electricity. With hydro energy, you can use the power of water to turn turbines, which creates energy. As you can see, there are many different ways you can power your home with sustainable energy sources that do not add to the burden on our environment.

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